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Week B: God’s Kingdom Master Plan

Some notes for Grown-ups…

Envelope 3

On Tuesday, 1st September, you should receive an envelope containing:

  • An instruction card
  • A grown-ups instruction page
  • A picture of the world
  • A picture of Jesus

You will need a pair of scissors and some sellotape…

1. Hold up the picture of the world

Say something along the lines of:

“In the beginning, God made a perfect world. Everything was in His Kingdom; everything happened the way He wanted.”

“But then people started to choose not to follow God as King, and did things how they wanted instead. This broke God’s perfect world.”

2. Cut the world into several pieces (not too many as you’ll be sticking it back together shortly).

As someone cuts up the world, talk about some of the things that happen in the world that aren’t God’s plan, like stealing, lying, hurting others, etc. These things happen because of the bad choices that we all make.

“God wasn’t happy to just leave it like this and so He came as/sent Jesus (hold up Jesus) to show us how to live in God’s perfect way and to fix the world. And Jesus also took the consequences of our bad choices so we could live in God’s new perfect world again.”

3. Tape the world back together.

Turn over the earth to the shiny side.

“One day, the Bible says God will make the earth new again; an earth that’s perfect with Him as King. But until then, Jesus has shown us how to be a part of God’s Kingdom here on earth now. This is God’s Kingdom Master Plan.”

4. Tape Jesus onto the shiny earth.

Step-it-up option: Read Revelation 21:3-5. What does it say God’s perfect world is going to be like in the future? We are sometimes given glimpses of what it’s going to be like when God makes everything new – like when we pray and God heals someone or answers our prayers. We’re not there yet but when we seek God’s Kingdom, God can use us to help make the world more like the way He wants it to be.

Envelope 4

On Friday, 4th September, you should receive an envelope containing:

  • An instruction card
  • 24 small cards (12 sets of pairs)
  • A clue card

Use the small cards to play Pairs or Snap, and think about what a perfect world would look like. A place with no pain or suffering, war, famine, illness or even death. That’s what God’s plan for the future is – a perfect world, just the way He wants it to be.

Use the red plastic to see the clue – an invitation to join a treasure hunt with other families on Sunday, 6th September. More details below. Please don’t worry if you can’t make it but it’d be lovely to see you if you can.

Funday Sunday

We’ll be meeting for a big group, child-friendly treasure hunt at 3pm on Sunday, 6th September at Weaver’s Springs Field in Earl Shilton. Click here for a map. It’ll just be for an hour or so. Depending on the weather, bring wellies or walking boots, and if you’re really enthusiastic, a spade (not necessarily required but the children might find it exciting). If it’s really wet, we’ll have a backup plan.