Explore 2A

Week A: Go and do likewise

Some notes for Grown-ups…

Envelope 1

On Wednesday 16th September, you should receive an envelope containing:

  • An instruction card
  • A clue
  • A decoder pen

This envelope is hopefully pretty self-explanatory. Use the decoder pen to read the clue (Luke 17:20-21). The key point is that God’s Kingdom isn’t something far off in the future or distant in the past, but something here and now. Over the following weeks we’re going to explore what it looks like to live in God’s Kingdom today, based on what Jesus said and did.

Envelope 2

On Saturday 19th September, you should receive an envelope containing:

  • An instruction card
  • Mission One instructions

Use the decoder pen to discover that you need to read Mark 1:35. The key point is that Jesus made time to pray and spent time with God.

You’ll probably need to help your child to read the Mission One instruction card. The mission is to spend time with God in whatever way you and your child is comfortable and able to do so.

The Mission Control Centre bit is optional but might help solidify the ‘spending time with God’ experience. Either take a photo or film a short video clip explaining what you and/or your child did to spend time with God. This will help your child to reflect on what they’ve done but also, may help them with the feelings or questions of, “Is anyone listening?” or “Am I doing it right?” Knowing that the report is going to be seen by someone else might (or might not) help with that.

Feel free to send any photos or videos to Rich or Cat – we’re not going to do anything with them – but might send a personalised response back or a ‘mission completed’ certificate in the next envelope.

Funday Sunday

Spend time with God as a family. Have a time of worship – maybe singing or music making, painting pictures, writing prayers or going for a walk in God’s creation. Emphasise that, spending time with God is both a personal thing that we should do by ourselves, but also a corporate thing that we do as Jesus followers together.